American Racism, Human Rights and the Frontera Fund

Racism is a problematic issue within the United States. America is a country that has a racist foundation and its systems are racist as well. African American people are a primary target of racism and so are Latino and Hispanic peoples. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund is designed to support organizations that stand up against racism against minorities and immigrants.

Organizations such as the Arizona Project works hoard to ensure that Latino and Hispanic people are not confronted with injustice. This is one of the many organizations that the Frontera Fund works to support. This organization also ensures that Latinos and Hispanic people are treated fairly within the justice system.

The creators of the Frontera Fund are two men who are minorities. They have experienced mistreatment by an Arizona sheriff who was corrupt. Once the two men were released from jail they were awarded a monetary fund by the state of Arizona for being mistreated.

Racism is a serious problem within the United States. It creates a lot of problems for people that are tying to live a good life.

Racism is such a dangerous thing that it can literally disrupt and hinder peoples lives. It can cause them to live substandard lives in poverty and it can also cause them to be incarcerated at a greater degree. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Various anti-discrimination and racial organizations work to ensure that America remains strong against the the systematic onslaught of racism. Racism cannot be overlooked in America. Having groups in place to defend against this type of oppression is extremely important.

No American people should experience the issue of racism. No group should be considered inferior because of the color of their skin. A person’s culture, language or social expression should not be ridiculed, belittled or put down.

The Frontera Fund is important for helping organizations to stand up against this type of tyranny. Racism is a violation of human rights and the Frontera Fund works to put an end to this type of mistreatment.