David McDonald Turnaround Leadership Of OSI Group

David McDonald is an investor and entrepreneur magnate. He is the current chief operating officer and president of OSI Group, a company that specializes in the supply of value-added proteins.

Before joining OSI, McDonald served as Marfring Global Food’s independent director. He holds a bachelor degree in animal science as an alumnus of Iowa State University.

OSI Group products include beef pattles, sandwiches, sausage links, and pizza. The company further offers retail brands and food service. OSI operates in over fifty facilities spread in seventeen countries around the globe. The company’s leadership position the value-added protein products market rests on its local solution and global efficiency strategy expansion of its presence the high potential China market.

OSI recently acquired the Dutch-based, food manufacturer Baho Food. The acquisition saw the entry of OSI in the deli meats, convenient foods, and snacks segments of the European food market. McDonald, OSI president, observed that the acquisition would help OSI Group to penetrate the European food market. He pointed out that Baho Food’s food product portfolio complemented OSI’s processing competencies. According to McDonald, acquisition of Baho Food further broadened OSI’s capabilities for better satisfaction of the changing needs of the company’s customers.

McDonald cites the success of OSI Group as the company’s strategic positioning that encompasses a global network of its global workforce. The global work further gives the company economy of scale. McDonald also underscores the strategic benefits of sourcing local labor by its foreign factories. A locally sources labor helps in OSI with understanding and sensitivity to the local tastes and cultures. McDonald, therefore, cites global presence as an asset rather than a challenge to the OSI Group regarding economic of scale and local solutions advantage.

Besides his business interests, David McDonald OSI Group further commits to OSI’s social responsibility, environmental concern, and sustainable supply chain. In particular, McDonald ensures safety and quality of OSI products as well as the welfare of animals that supply the company’s products. McDonald articulates his commitment to accountability and sustainability of OSI’s business operations. He expresses OSI’s commitment to adapt its business practices to achieve operational efficiencies that improve its workers’ lives, create worldwide OSI community, and conserve the environmental resources.

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