Ecommerce Personalization

With an uprising of ecommerce businesses and people jumping on board with digital marketing, you might be asking if technology can advance any further? The advancements so far have been quite exquisite, but with the introduction of AI, artificial intelligence, companies have been able to do unthinkable things and scale their businesses like never before.

Ecommerce Personalization is one of the greatest features that you will get along with any AI you choose to incorporate into your online business. For starters, artificial intelligence allows a business owner to automate the majority of their sales and digital marketing, which in turn will give them the chances to optimize their website’s user interface, landing pages, and funnels to what would be desired for the customers. When you don’t have to spend all of your time fulfilling orders, shipping packages, and setting up online ads, you will be able to scale past any of your competition by optimizing everything towards your customers best interest.

Another way that you will achieve Ecommerce Personalization is by providing great customer service. If you are always stuck doing things that could easily be done by AI, you won’t be able to respond to customer emails, which could drastically affect your business in the long run. This is important because if a company doesn’t have good customer service, the company will have a low customer return rate. This means a lot of lost money.


Not only can you respond to customer emails and notify customers about new launches and hot products, but you can also use your AI to create personalized emails. We’ve all seen emails that have suggested products that are said to be “tailored to you.” Would a successful company actually have the time to personally choose which products somebody would be interested in? The answer is no unless they had somebody hired to do this. But why pay ridiculous rates like $9.50 per hour for somebody that could mix up customers with the products they might like. This is where the AI comes in handy. Learning over time, this mastermind can learn from customer habits and create custom product suggestions. It can also send out emails at the perfect time. This time being when the customer is most likely to check their email.

So go out and invest in AI, you’ll make your ecommerce business much more personalized for both you and your customers.