Fabletics and Kate Hudson’s Vision to Stay Ahead of Crowd

Kate Hudson is getting quite a bit of buzz about her work as an entrepreneur. Fabletics is the company that she is heading up, and it appears that she has truly found her niche outside of the acting world.


Kate has been able to do some extraordinary things with Fabletics, and the 100 stores that she plans to open within the next three years as sign of a great amount of progress. Originally Forbes printed an article about how she would plan to open 100 stores in the next five years. As she started working towards this but her goal became even more aggressive as stories begin to circulate about how she would open 100 stores within the next three years. This shows that she is on a fast growth track with Fabletics, and the brand just keeps getting more positive publicity. People are excited about this brand because there are so many fans of Fabletics that are encouraging their friends to try this brand out.


Kate Hudson appears to have an unlimited amount of support from fans of the brand that are also celebrity friends like Chrissy Teigen. She has also gained support from other people that she has partnered with like music and movie superstar Demi Lovato. These are the things that make people take notice of this brand. These are also the things that make people acknowledge Kate Hudson for all the hard work that she is doing to take Fabletics to another level.


She has definitely been able to gain a lot of exposure from the celebrity connection that she has to Fabletics, but there is even more in place that makes this brand stand out. Many people will say that it is personal touch that she has with the brand. She is well connected with the commercials and the way that this brand is promoted. She is something of a marketing genius when it comes to the way that the brand is perceived. Hudson has put a lot of time and effort into making commercials that were funny, but she also took the time to take on serious causes like breast cancer awareness. There is currently a breast cancer awareness campaign for this brand. That has given her even more time to attract a fan base of customers that a large number of retailers neglect.


What Kate Hudson has really managed to do over the years is show investors that she has a next step in place. So many brands become popular in the beginning and they lose customers because there is no way to retained audience that was originally gained. Kate Hudson has always been in a place where she has been building Fabletics in layers. She would start with an online website, and then she would expand to more physical stores. She would start the brand in America, but then Kate would realize the need to expand to Canada and Australia. She always been one step ahead of the competition with retail clothing.