Get The Benefit Of Referred Securus Technology

There are several customers who are choosing the interactive Securus Technologies network because they offer reasonable prices and a proven trusted network. In fact, Securus Technologies CEO, Rick A. Smith says, his network strives to be customer oriented to build their customer base. They proudly service over 246,000+ customers nationwide. Get the best of your inmate calling features by becoming a part of a network with an active customer feedback forum. You also get live customer support because they never want their customers to navigate their new or existing account alone. Check with their website to confirm services at a specific facility.


Referred Securus Technology


  1. Can I use Securus if I’m 17?
  2. To use Securus Technology customers must be 18 or older


  1. What is Securus remote visitation?
  2. Remote visitation allows you to visit inmates online


  1. What device do I use for remote visits?

A The Securus remote visit app is multiple device compatible


  1. Can I get a refund for remote visits?
  2. Visit the Securus website for refund details


You’re invited to become a member of the Securus Technologies family. Choose from features and services listed on their elite website.