How Doe Deere Spends her Morning before Leaving for Office

Many successful businessmen have unique morning routines which they stick to before and after arriving at their offices. It is the same for Doe Deere, the executive of Lime Crime. Savoir Flair interviewed her to know how she starts her morning rituals, until she arrives at her office. On a normal day, Doe wakes at around 8.30 a.m., because she believes a good rest is a secret to having a good skin. As a resident of Los Angeles, Doe Deere says she prefers to have a glass of water first thing in the morning to keep herself hydrated because of the dry air in the city.


Doe’s favorite breakfast


She prefers to make a few stretches to keep fit. Her favorite is the “cat/camel” exercise. From there she is ready to prepare the breakfast meal. She prefers to eat hot cereals, especially grits in the morning. Yogurt, freshly prepared orange juice plucked from her tree and a variety of other fruits.


Knowing how her team is doing


Doe Deere communicates with her team to know how things are running in the office before leaving her home. She checks her e-mails regularly and responds when necessary. Although she does all that, Deere added that she tries to keep off digital information from her mornings in order to be creative and innovative. As such, she can dream of how to develop and launch a new product.


Another part of Doe’s morning routine is listening to her favorite songs, especially when doing makeup. She listens to songs that take her down the memory lane such as The Beatles. According to her, it is the favorite part of her morning ritual because she wants everything to be perfect and in order. She can take up to one hour, or as less as 15 minutes to do her makeup. After hours of preparation, and doing her morning routine, Doe Deere arrives at her office at noon, takes her lunch, interact with her team, and then proceed to hold meetings with the executives. In most cases, she tries to conclude her work by 6 p.m., but when she has a busy day, it can go until midnight.


Doe Deere Successful Business


Doe started from a humble background, but proceeded and achieved great success on her own. She is encouraged by women who have taken on the mantle to venture into business and entrepreneurship. When addressing public forums like Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour, Doe frequently insists the importance of being ambitious when operating a business. Under her leadership, Lime Crime Cosmetics has emerged is a leading beauty brand around the world, especially on the social and digital platforms. The mission of the company is to revolutionize the beauty and makeup industry.


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