Securus Technologies – Doing a Great Job with Curbing Crime in Prison and in Communities

Many companies are active in the field of inmate communications and crime prevention, but one of the companies that have made tremendous progress since its inception in 1986 is Securus Technologies. The company offers a broad as well as diverse range of products and services in the correctional space for the inmate communication as well as the criminal justice and crime prevention.


The inmates are greatly benefitted with the help of the services offered by the company as it ensures that they can regularly communicate with their family and friends without having to spend a fortune. The company is trying hard to increase the communication opportunities for the prisoners and make the cost of calling and video services lower. To achieve its objectives and improve the range of services it offers to the end users, Securus Technologies has pumped $600 million in the past few years into research and development. The company believes that constant innovation is the key to success in achieving its long-term objectives and fulfilling the requirements of the industry, which has been neglected by the technological innovations for long.


Securus Technologies recently shared with the world a press release, where it showcased the comments taken from the letters written by the law enforcement officials. The law enforcement officials from across the country who uses the products and services of Securus Technologies writes to the company on a regular basis to show their admiration for the enterprise. The law enforcement officials feel that the products and services of the company help them work better and in a safe environment, while keeping the crime rate low. I have been in the law enforcement official for long and believe that the technology as a tool can help tremendously in curbing crime and keeping the criminals in check, and Securus is doing a great job with it.

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