Talk Fusion Now Has A Training Course On Multilevel Marketing

Talk Fusion is a video marketing company that began as a video email distributor back in 2007, but they now sell live video chat apps, videoconferencing tools and also signup forms that website owners can embed on their websites. Talk Fusion products are sold through associates who also refer others to become Talk Fusion associates, and those who make a large volume of sales can earn rewards. But Reina also understands that that some associates may need just a little help getting started, so that’s why he’s started Talk Fusion U, an online training program that helps new associates break into multilevel marketing. It’s a 25 videos series giving tips on how to sell and refer Talk Fusion Products.


Bob Reina and Dr. Jonathan Chen can be credited with most of the work in founding Talk Fusion. Reina had been a sheriff’s deputy in the Tampa area for years, but his passion for the job began to fade and he felt he could do more as an independent businessman. He had been with several direct selling companies prior to getting the idea for Talk Fusion, and that idea came in 2004 while on vacation. He realized that several videos he had taken could not be emailed back to his family, so he decided he needed a program that could turn videos into emails and make it possible to send to anyone on any email client. By 2007, he and Chen had developed the program and with it the Talk Fusion brand.


Reina decided to make Talk Fusion a multilevel marketing company because he had appreciated how that industry had changed his life, and he felt it could do the same for others as well as make it easier to distribute Talk Fusion’s products. But Bob Reina also wanted to make sure his customers knew what they were getting before buying, so that’s why Talk Fusion has 30-day free trials for all products and no obligation to buy them. For associates who are feeling a little more than generous, Talk Fusion has a giving back program through which they can donate a Talk Fusion monthly account to any charity they wish. Learn more: