Whitney Wolfe Is The Brains Behind Bumble BFF

Using dating apps to find a suitable partner has for some time been the norm. These apps started out being enjoyable however, women now have to put up with aggressive and sexist messages from men. This has ruined the fun for some leading to them deleting these applications.

Whitney Wolfe, 27, is the founder and chief executive of Bumble. This is a two-year-old application meant to improve the experience of women when it comes to online dating. Whitney Wolfe is also the co-founder of Tinder which is a popular dating app in different countries around the world.

Individuals’ profiles on Bumble need to be connected to Facebook. One should have a certain number of friends on Facebook to get the opportunity to sign up. Cat fishing is a challenge when setting up most online profiles and it has been met head on. There is photo verification for every user so no one can fall victim to individuals with false identities. There is security available to anyone who may want to report cases of harassment. After joining the network of users, one can swipe left to dismiss people they are not interested in and go right for options they want to pursue. Matched users can send pictures to each other. These pictures are usually watermarked with their name. This is an attribute that discourages individuals from sending images that they would not like attached to their names.

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Bumble has key differences from Tinder in that, once there is a match between individuals, only a woman can start the conversation. If no conversation is held within the first twenty four hours the match disappears. Some of the goals of Whitney Wolfe when creating Bumble were to establish equality between both genders. In other software systems, men are the people who always initiate conversations and this had to be different in Bumble BFF. Another goal was to eliminate all the negativity that came with men being rejected for how they approached women. The app brings positivity by flattering men when women make the first move. It also helps women feel somewhat in control, an experience they never had while using other applications.

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